The Ideal Sunday

I approve of today.  That is not something that happens very often!  I’ve come to realize that Sunday is one of my favorite days.  No work, and no pressure to get anything done (for the most part).  It’s my day to long run, go to church, and catch up on whatever I want!  And today that’s exactly what I did.  My alarm went off at an early 6:30 AM so I could hit the road for my Sunday long run. It was great.  It wasn’t too cold out and I was feeling strong!  I got back at around 8:00 and quickly got ready to attend 9 AM mass with the rents.  After that, it was errand time.  Me and my dad set out and got some major things done.  We made a meal plan for the week (for dinner) and hit up Costco for our usual fruit stock-up.  Costco has the BEST fruit ever.  This week we scored some pink lady apples, green grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and perfectly ripe bananas. Yum.  Next, we went to Trader Joe’s to search for kale chips.  Who’s had kale chips?! They are my latest obsession!  Sadly, they didn’t have them.  I guess they’re a Whole Foods thing?  But I did pick up some of the new stickers!

Simple Adorable

Next stop was the running store!  I finally got a running stick!  Bout’ time.  I will be using this thing daily!

Quality picture, I know

There were other random little stops on our 2 hour excursion, but they aren’t worthy of wasting your time!  Once I got home, I realized how exhausted I was. I decided to grab my book and make friends with the couch.

Has anyone read this book? It is so so so good.  I recommend it in a heartbeat!  One of my resolutions for this year was to start reading for fun more, I’m doing an okay job so far and I’m totally loving it.

That just about sums up my day!  Boy do I love Sundays. I also made a pact to myself that tomorrow, I WILL TAKE PICTURES OF EVERYTHING I EAT. For real this time.  Have a great week everybody!

What did you guys do this weekend? Anyone else a fan of kale chips and Jodi Picoult?

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7 thoughts on “The Ideal Sunday

  1. Tara says:

    I personally like homemade kale chips better than store bought!! You have to eat them right away, but it only takes like 15 minutes. Store bought is good for bringing to school for snacks though! I have to agree, costco has awesome produce! I eat so much so fast that we kinda have to buy it in bulk!

  2. bearrunner says:

    Ideal Sunday is sleeping till 12 but runners never get a chance to do that…

  3. paoang says:

    Hey! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I’m looking forward to keep reading yours! I agree- Costco has the best fruit EVER. I love it 🙂

    Have a great week!

  4. Sarah says:

    Those TJ’s stickers are awesome! Rolling sticks work so well, love it for tight IT bands! Sounds like the makings of a good day 🙂

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