Letting Go

  • Hi chicas.  I hope you’re all having a great week!  After reading a post by Lindsay about the relationship between healthy living & letting go, I was inspired to go out and have a great day.  My day started out with a tough track workout, followed by some chocolate milk for recovery, stretching, and a quick ab workout.  Solid way to start the day!  Next I jumped in the shower, had a delicious breakfast (which will be featured on tomorrow’s WIAW) and was ready to tackle my day with a positive mindset.  A trip to whole foods with some friends was FINALLY something that happened.

  • I had some coupons for free Lassi Indian-Style Yogurt Smoothies so I grabbed some of those & I’m eager to try them!  They look great.  Right around the corner from whole foods was a place called Orange Leaf.  Has anyone ever heard of it?  SELF-SERVE FROZEN YOGURT. I was in heaven.  Look how cool it was!

  • So amazing.  I had strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla topped with walnuts & sprinkles.  Yum.  Dinner was around the corner, so we decided to head to a mexican place.  Has anyone ever head of Agave?  Probably not…I don’t think it is a chain restaurant.  We all enjoyed some chips & salsa and I split a quesadilla  with a friend that had chicken and veggie on it.  It really hit the spot.

  • Such a cute little restaurant!  Anyways, the whole point of this post was to reflect & connect back to Lindsay’s ideas about healthy living & letting go.  Just not long ago, I would have freaked out that I had frozen yogurt in the middle of the day (unplanned) and ate mexican for dinner.  It felt so amazing to enjoy myself with people I love to be around and not freak out that I didn’t know the nutrition stats of everything I put in my mouth.  I really let go and realized that getting anxious and stressing out about food really isn’t necessary.  I am an athlete that needs fuel & I need to be eating whenever I’m hungry.  It is NOT a big deal if it isn’t the healthiest option on the planet either.  Sometimes the healthiest things just don’t have the caloric value that I need to be taking in to keep up with my training.  To put it simply,  I really let go yesterday and had an absolutely amazing day.  I’m focusing on doing this all the time now, because life is too short to freak out about the little things!  Especially when it is not necessary.
  • I hope you are all having a stress-free week and can learn to let go in one area of your life 🙂  And also FIND AN ORANGE LEAF AROUND YOU. It’s a chain place!
  • Has anyone tried the Lassi Yogurt Smoothies?  Has anyone ever been to orange leaf?  Do you feel there is an area of your life where you can “let go” a bit in order to enjoy it more?

10 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. Good job letting go! We all need to treat ourselves in life, right? I mean, like, what would life be without fun and spontaneity? I haven’t ever had froyo, but I’m eager to try it asap!

  2. yayy! so happy you were able to “let go” and just enjoy yourself 🙂 a year ago or so, I would have totally freaked too about eating at certain times of the day. but now i am at a wayyy better place so i’m okay with whatever comes my way 🙂

  3. Alexandra says:

    WOO!!! So happy you could let go and have some fun. What fun is just staying in a comfort zone anyway? 🙂
    That froyo place sounds like THE BOMB!! I can’t get enough fo that stuff!

  4. fairyhealthylife says:

    I too struggle with eating at restaurants where I don’t know the nutrition facts. Especially going out with my family. They make me choose where to go. I feel so bad. I’m slowly getting better though! 🙂 its a process.

  5. Aw yay I’m so happy I was able to help yo let go and enjoy some things! I LOVE orange leaf! I actually had it this past weekend when I was home. So amazing 😀 hehe

  6. I guess my blog title kind of gives this one away, but I LOVE self-serve frozen yogurt 😀

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