Note to Self: Rest!

TGIAF (thank god it’s almost friday).  Today has kind of been a weird day.  I went to bed really thinking I was going to have today off and woke up to wet disgusting snow and…no delay…or snow day. BOO.  But life goes on right? Right.

Since my indoor season ended with my last race this past Sunday, I’ve been taking some much needed time off.  I went all indoor season without taking more than one day off in a row and my body is POOPED.  I’m on my fourth day off and my soreness is wearing off and I’m starting to feel refreshed again.  Sweeeet!  It can sometimes be tough to take this much time off, and I know that by this weekend I’ll want to be out running again.  To remind myself that rest is so very important, I found this article from Runner’s World.








It basically talks about how essential rest days are to our training and the benefits of these days.  It really helped me understand why rest is so important and allowed me to realize that if I want to have a good, strong, and successful outdoor season, I need to give my legs a break.  My favorite quote from the article?  This:

Less Is More”

Instead of focusing on how I am not doing any cardio this week, I’ve been focusing on gaining some serious upper-body strength.  My mom gave me a lifting plan that I’ve been following all week and I can’t wait for outdoor season where I will feel refreshed, strong, and ready to go!  My quote for this season is

“No matter how hard you train, Somebody will train harder. No matter how hard you run, Somebody will run harder. No matter how bad you want it, Somebody will want it more.  Be somebody” –Steve Prefontain

So…..I think you should be somebody.  Have a great night!

8 thoughts on “Note to Self: Rest!

  1. I totally agree! Rest is so so important! So ENJOY your break!! You’ve had an amazing indoor season and the time off will help you kick butt even more in the outdoor one!! ❤

  2. I think you should be somebody too! Rest is sooo important, and I often struggle with it unfortunately. My body says GO, GO, GO all the time.. But when my body says NO, NO, NO, I definitely listen to it. I can’t wait for Friday either! This weather sucks 😦

  3. funfreshfit says:

    Loving this motivation! Happy resting xox 🙂

  4. What type of lifting plan are you following? I just started working strength training into my routine more seriously in the past year, and I went from hating strength workouts to looking forward to them! And I think that taking a break from running and lifting on some days makes me love running even more on the days that I do it!

  5. Gahhh I need so much help with this… I am so bad at resting! Mentally it’s tough for me to handle, must work on this!

  6. nicolle9 says:

    I completely agree! Rest is so important 🙂

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