Frolics, Oatmeal & Running?

I am so sorry for this post title…I wasted five minutes trying to think of something just wasn’t happening…anways, HAPPY WEEKEND!  I can’t believe it’s already here.  I had such a busy week that I wasn’t even thinking about what actual day it was.  Suddenly, it was Friday and now the weekend.  Time sure does fly. Finally I have time to catch-up!  It sure does feel good to not have to worry about where I should be in the next five minutes and what I should be doing (basically what it’s been like the past two weeks).  The show that my senior class has been working on for the past two weeks is over!  It was SO much fun and I had the time of my life last night.

Since I’ve been at school since ten-ish everyday this past week, my eating has been poor to say the least.  My dinners? They’ve looked a lot like this

As much as I love oatmeal, it just doesn’t provide the proper nutritional value I should be getting with my dinner every night.  You know what that means? LOTS of late-night snacking when I get home.  Not good.  But hey, it’s tough to be on a schedule like I was.  I learned that I simply have to work with what I have in given situations, and I’ll get back on track next week.

Speaking of track, it starts on Monday! I feel as if I’ve given my body plenty of rest since indoor and I’m ready to have a strong season.  I had a great first week back of running over the past six days and I’m so excited to start back up again and RACE!

And I just can’t end this post without sharing how pumped I am about the new calf compression sleeves I just ordered.  Lately, I’ve been my calves have been getting really tight and my parents said I should get some compression sleeves to fix the pain.  HOW SWEET ARE THESE?

I can’t wait to get them! And wear them of course. So this isn’t one of my most organized posts, but that’s what happens when I’ve been MIA.  I’ll be much better this week :).  I hope you are all having a lovely weekend! P.S. Stay tuned for a giveaway coming later this weekend!

Do any of you wear compression socks/sleeves? What are your weekend plans?

2 thoughts on “Frolics, Oatmeal & Running?

  1. Chelsea @ Chelsea Runs says:

    Having an off week in your nutrition ain’t no big thang! I have to do that sometimes when things are crazydonkulous. That’s so exciting that track starts next week! I know you’ll have a great season. 🙂 I just ran my half in Zensah compression sleeves, and am now chillaxin’ in them for recovery! I love them. I’m just chillaxin’ around the house.

  2. i LOVE those compression sleeves! i don’t wear any but if i did, those would be the ones i get…for sure 🙂

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