Hi everyone!  It’s been too long. Senior year is nearly at its end and I can’t believe it.  Ten days left of high school?! Someone pinch me. I’m blaming my lack of posting on that!  As much as I adore blogging and everyone here in the blogging community, I’d really kick myself later if I focused on posting over cherishing my last days of high school! I know you will all understand.  Thank you for sticking with me!  I appreciate you all 🙂

My lack of cool and unique eats this past week explains my post today.  Instead of boring you all with my typical meals and snacks, I thought I’d go for a different route this week and snap a super cool mirror selfie to show you the outfit I had on today.  What I wore Thursday anyone?……

Don’t mind the casual tooth-brushing
Tomorrow is Friday!  Enjoy it everyone & don’t forget to SMILE.
P.S. Keep your eyes out for lots of upcoming reviews & giveaways!

3 thoughts on “WIWT?

  1. Health Freak College Girl says:

    Enjoy your last few days of senior year!! The blog will always be here but senior year won’t 🙂

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