The Caffeinated Runner

Ever since I noticed my sister drinking coffee before a race, the thought has always been in the back of my mind to try doing that too.  I’ve never been a coffee fan, but just recently I’ve been able to tolerate it as long as I add almond milk and some sweetener.  Almost everyone I know drinks coffee to get them through the day and although I’m starting to grow a liking for it, it isn’t something I want to have to have to rely on.  I’d rather just be able to enjoy it when I want and possible before a race.  I’m definitely going to get my sisters thoughts on the idea and in the meantime, I did some reasearch of my own.

I found an interesting article titled The Caffeinated Runner that talks about the effect that caffeine has on your body and how some endurance athletes use it to enhance performance.  It explains exactly how it works by saying

It appears caffeine enhances performance in shorter events by stimulating the nervous system in ways that enable the muscles to contract faster and more efficiently. In longer events, caffeine delays fatigue by reducing the athlete’s perception of effort. Specifically, it increases the concentration of hormone-like substances in the brain called ß-endorphins during exercise. The endorphins affect mood state, reduce perception of pain, and create a sense of well-being.

Interesting, huh?  Reading this article definitely made me want to try out this theory.  I would have to make sure I stay hydrated with water though!

 Are you a coffee addict? Have you ever had caffeine to try to enhance physical performance?

9 thoughts on “The Caffeinated Runner

  1. My swim coach used to give us chocolate covered coffee beans before races! I am not sure if they really did anything or not or just made us feel faster!

  2. Tara says:

    I’ve read things like this before! I’ve thought about trying it but I’m afraid it will make me have to pee because I know caffeine does that too. Maybe I’ll try it for my workout tomorrow!

  3. Alexandra says:

    So interesting! I loathe coffee like none other, but I do take a caffeinated pre-workout supplement (Superpump max) I’m addicted to haha 😉 I always feel super focused when I take it!

  4. i used to hateeee coffee. the taste and all. but now i think it’s okay. as long as i can add almond milk and sweetener like you. but i really don’t rely on it. even back in high school, kids couldn’t get out of bed without knowing there was coffee was waiting for them. but i just got a good night’s sleep and a healthy diet to keep me awake and energized!

  5. Carlyn says:

    I am a coffee addict…like out of control with Starbucks type of addict.. I drink coffee sometimes before my workouts and sometimes I don’t, the reason I try not too is if I work out early in the am and do not eat first it causes unwanted pain and acid reflux so that is something to think about! But for a run I always eat AND have coffee…def helps!

  6. Chelsea @ Chelsea Runs says:

    I am a total caffeine addict. Send me to rehab, I’m not giving it up. 🙂 I drink it before my doubles usually and it helps me feel a bit peppier.. It also just helps me survive rugby practice!

  7. i’m definitely turning into a coffee addict! lately i’ve been getting coffee 3-5 times a week before school and it definitely helps me wake up and put me in a better mood. i am trying to keep myself from getting it every day, though, because i don’t want to have to depend on it!!

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