Vega-One Review

Cristina at Vega was so very kind to send me some sample packets of their new shakes. YUM.

The two promotional themes for their new line of shakes are GREAT.  They are:


The idea of easy- on the go Vega One shakes, because it tastes better, smoother quality, it’s easier for anyone to shake up and go.


Blend it up with one scoop- add your favourite fruit/veg and post the recipe- make for amazing visuals!

How convenient, right?  And they taste SO GOOD.  I got to try the vanilla chai, chocolate, and berry.  My favorite was the vanilla chai, so delicious.  Sometimes when I wouldn’t have much time for breakfast, I’d mix up one of these and I’d be out the door minutes later.  And look at the crazy nutritional benefits

Conclusion: they are tasty and nutritious and I loved them!  If you have yet to try vega products, get on that! You will not regret it.

For more info on their products, check out their websitefollow them on twitterand like them on facebook.

Disclaimer: I have personally reviewed the items above.  My opinions are entirely mine.


One thought on “Vega-One Review

  1. i have some samples sitting in my fridge so i gotta try them 🙂

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