Artisana Review

I never thought I could be so in love with nut butters.  They are honestly the best thing that ever happened to this planet.  Artisana kindly sent me some of their butters to try & I absolutely fell in love.

I was sent a variety of their single serving packets of all the different nut butters they offer, along with a small jar of their almond butter & coconut butter. EVERYTHING WAS SO GOOD.


How great do those look?  I enjoyed every single one of them.  My favorite though was definitely the cashew butter.  I could live off of cashews!  I loved that they came in cute little convenient packets and sometimes I grabbed one on my way out the door with a banana that I could enjoy later.  Perfect.  Other ways I enjoyed these were with some toast in the morning,  mixed into my oatmeal (my favorite) and when I was feeling extra creative, I mixed it into my yogurt.

They’re also super good for you.  They’re organic, pure, raw, fresh, what more could you ask for?  They are great sources of healthy fats & protein as well.  I think that anyone that hasn’t tried Artisana’s different kinds of nut butters should take it upon themselves to do so!  I assure you that you will enjoy them just as much as I did 🙂

For more info on their products, check our their website, follow them on twitterand like them on facebook

Disclaimer: I have personally reviewed the items above.  My opinions are entirely mine.


2 thoughts on “Artisana Review

  1. i tried their walnut butter and was instantly hooked!

  2. caloricandcrazy says:

    I loved their almond and walnut nut butters! So yummy and full of texture. The cashew was more smooth in comparison, imo.

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